Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Day in IKEA with my daughter Mori

Well the day has come and my muse is leaving the nest. (Thank the lord this girl is finally leaving my house) Did I type that out loud? What I meant to say was this is a well deserved accomplishment for my baby. She's all growed up now.(Yup I said growed, that was not a typo.) So in this new chapter in her life she has to furnish this new apartment and so a shopping we will go.......duty calls but the confusing part is how I left with $500.00 worth of stuff for my house? She is basically starting from scratch, I have two living room chairs and a dinette table for her but that's about it. So when I say we are starting from scratch believe those words. I took a few pictures from our adventure this past Saturday and let me just say it was a long ass day in IKEA.

I like this display.

She found a mirror for her bedroom.


I Love this luscious orange.


Loves these above but can afford the 
one's real out there!

She loves these green chairs but 
they were not too comfortable.

We can work with these $25.00 Chairs, 
they will be fab when I get done with them

a small desk, it might work

We were starving so we sat down for
 some food, no meatballs tried the ribs 
and they were surprisingly pretty good.

 I think she's going to go with this dresser.

I love these chairs but they are metal and 
sitting in them any length of time would 
not be too comfy.Oh and I was looking for 
a new desk chair for my sewing room.


I love this pattern but she wasn't sold on it.

Fabric for those $25.00 chairs. 
Four chairs four different patterns.

Let there be light.

So we found some things and some ideals and it's about to go down. Mama is going to be busy in the up coming weeks so I may not be posting as often as I want too but hang in there for me, please!


  1. You gotta go back just for the meatballs! Good luck on your big girl's most recent adventure.

    1. Thanks! We'll be making another trip maybe then I'll try the meatballs..

  2. You're right IKEA does take your entire day. Nice picks though.


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