Sunday, November 16, 2014

She signed on the dotted line and now she has rent to pay!

Mori signed the lease Saturday,she's such a big girl now! She got the keys and we spent the rest of the day going to Walmart and IKEA......yes we had to go pick up all the things she had on her list. Picture this, as we are shopping and  Mori is adding up everything that she picked out like the bed, dresser, bathroom things and such. She would say Mom look how much I'm spending and there was a lot of re-evaluating the items that she had chosen at this time. (I was cracking up on the inside because unbeknownst to her I was going to gift her all the bedroom furniture that she had chosen as her Christmas  gift.) So we get in line to purchase our items and then I had the lady ring up her bed, dining chairs, her full length mirror and bathroom items and as Mori pulled out her credit card I said I'm going to pay for it, she was like what? I said Merry Christmas and she was still standing there stunned as to say "what the hell is going on right here!" I smiled and said Merry Christmas again! I got a big thank you and a big hug. #pricelessgifttomyyounglady #hohohoitssantababy 

I took picture of her inspecting the apartment and signing the lease.

Lights going!

Lighting going

Fan going or at least an updates glass bulb.

She broke the seal

Got dem keys!

Sunday was Day ONE of the moving process: OK so I told ya'll that I had a table for Mori but we had to clean out the garage to get to this said table! So here lies the problem, we all had to help and that means both of my sons joined us. The problem is they fight sooo much it makes a one hour job turn into an all day event. One son has to do the same amount of work as the other son or it's not fair! This son wants to dictate what that sons does and so on, you get the picture. It took us about 3 hours to get everything done and the cars loaded for the first trip. My sister Cap came to help us so she drove the first load of containers. Thanks Aunt Cap for the help. Monday will be a painting day for Mori and myself so I'll be talking to ya'll later! 
                                  photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg


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    1. It's a whole new world for this chic! Cap told her she has to invite the SGBC over because she is a honorary member. She said once she has it all together she will.

  2. So cool to read this as my daughter wants to move out so badly. She is staying until she finishes college, but we have already started looking at color schemes and furniture.

    1. Yeah I understand that, Mori graduated from college in 2010, I gave her some time to figure out if she was going to grad school and then finding a job was hard but she has been working the past three years and I told her 2014 she had to go! You see she almost didn't make the 2014 deadline! LOL!

  3. Wow wonderful.Great home nice picture.Thanks for post.
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  4. How precious! This is so wonderful that you can share this with your daughter, Much luck to her.

  5. Yipee! Welcome to adulthood young lady.


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