Saturday, November 1, 2014

The winner is ME!

“The most creative interpretation is this dress by that black chic, I love the fact that it’s upcycled and that she kept the button placket and some of the seaming from the original denim dress she cut the top out of.” Kati of Kate & Rose - Full Monthly Stitch story HERE

I shared my story with you about my relationship with this dress called Giselle and let me say that I am thrilled that she won, I mean I won! I adore the vibe this dress gives, I get a Urban, Bohemian, Hippie Chic kinda feeling. Is that possible? (inside voice says:All things are possible and that's what  you said damit!) This dress is all those things and one more word I want to add is it's just plain old FUN! Thanks Kati for appreciating my take on your dress.



  1. You deserve the win, you are awesome and that dress is fabulous and Mori looks fabulous in it.

  2. Thanks Faye, this dress brought back so many memories of my childhood. I remember wearing maxi dresses in all kinds of flower prints.


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