Thursday, March 12, 2015

DIY Home Decor: Pillow Talk!

It's pillow making time ya'll! This is a super easy way to update your old sofa and add drama to a chair. I chose a Ombre' selection from black to white. Are you ready? Well let's get started!

Supplies: Fabric/Trimmings/Fabric Paint /Scissors/Thread/Pins/Sewing Machine /Fiberfill/Piping

Trimming that I chose for my pillow. This may very well be a deal breaker when budgeting for your supplies. Trimming ain't cheap, I'll say that again, trimming ain't cheap. Some of my trimmings were 50% off but some were $6-$7 a yard.
 My fabric choices. I cut out Two 16X16 squares for each pillow.
 The first pillow that I tackled was the pillow with the trimmings. This was my process of figuring out where I wanted to place each piece.
 Now it's time to pin down my trim pieces to sew them to the fabric. I pinned all my trim at once but you can pin a piece and then sew a piece and then pin another piece and so on. Once all your trim has been sewn on the pillow, place the other pillow piece on the top, right side facing each-other and sew the pillow together leaving a opening for stuffing.  Once stuffed you will sew the opening closed by hand.
Next pillow was my Fringed pillow
 I made my own fringe trim out of my denim stash.
 Pin the Fringe to the edges of you pillow as shown above. Once all the fringes has been pinned to the right side place the other pillow on the top, right side facing each-other and sew the pillow together leaving a opening for stuffing. Once stuffed you will sew the opening closed by hand.
IMPORTANT: I did not realize adding the fringe made this pillow a little large than the others. Next time I would make a fringe pillow slightly smaller than the other pillows, so they all look the same size next to each-other.

Next my Qua trefoil print fabric
Cut, sew and stuff, this was the easiest pillow!
Next it was time to get my Picasso on!
 Originally this was going to be a black and white pillow but once I put that black paint on the fabric I thought ombre'! I added white paint to my black for grey and then I added silver glitter paint and wa-la!
  I made piping to add to this pillow, they do sell pre-made piping if you don't want to tackle making your own. Pin it around your pillow raw edges of the piping should be pinned to the raw edge of your pillow. The round piping should be facing the right side of your fabric as shown above. Now place your other pillow piece on top to sew together, remember right sides facing each-other, now turn on the right side, stuff and close!
There you have it four fab pillows! 
                                        photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg


  1. oh so chic pillows love them!

    1. Agreed and oh so easy! my sister sent me a message saying "what if you don't have a sewing machine?" I said needle and thread will do, it may take you a little longer but it can be done! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I need to add some color to my living room. The gray sofa is getting to me. You have just giving me some ideas. And, your pillows are adorable. Great post!

    1. WONDERFUL!!!!! How about a bright Yellow? That would POP with Grey. Let me know what happens! Thanks for stopping by my little part of the bloggerverse!

  3. There you go again with quick and easy greatness. Your ideals are awesome. You should sell these, seriously.

    1. I am thinking about selling decor products, seriously I am.

  4. Nice DIY, I love the ombre tones you chose. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks Lizzy, these are for my daughter's apartment. She has grey furniture.

  5. I will take one of each please! these pillows are FABULOUS and the bling!


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