Sunday, March 15, 2015

DIY Pumps: Painted Wingtips

I needed a pair of shoes to go with my black and white pinstriped suit for the "Rippin Ain't Easy" Sewing competition. I really wanted a pair of black and white striped pumps for the outfit, which I did find at BareFeet Shoes. Mori tried on these heels which were like 10 inches tall and she said her  feet were  mushed up in the shoes. I knew this was not going to work because she would not wear them after we took our pictures and that would have been a wasted $35.00. So I was on the hunt but I only had two more days to find a pair of shoes.
On my lunch break I went to Payless, to see what they had on clearance. I found a nice pair of pumps for $15.00 but none in black or white. I decided to buy the $15.00 burgundy pumps and paint them. I figured if I messed them up it would not be a big loss. Once I got them home I decided that I wanted them to look like wingtip shoes to go with my pinstripes. So DIY time it was!

Supplies needed for this project: Shoes (old or new) a can of Spray paint for your main color, a small can of paint for your wingtip painting, a clear gloss spray paint, paint brush and a sharpie marker.

You can Google a template if you think you need one. 
I just free-handed mine from some of the shoes shown above.
I forgot to take a pictures of the shoes before I started adding 
the white paint but I painted them glossy black.
 I coated the white areas about three times each.
 Now it was time to add the dots. Mine could have been a little neater but I was trying to get this done and dry for the next day.
 Once you're done with your dots all you need to do is 
coat the shoes with your clear spray paint and it's all done!

 photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg


  1. Replies
    1. I agree and I was pleasantly pleased with the outcome...super-duper easy DIY! Thanks for stopping my stay tuned.

  2. YOU ARE SO DARN FLY!!!!! I just love that outfit and Yes I voted for you cause that right there is HOTTT! I have a pattern like this just haven't made it yet.
    Shari MD Threadz

    1. Why thank you my Darling and thanks soooo much for the vote! I had that pattern in my stash so that worked out well. I was pleasantly surprised because I wasn't sure about that denim I used but it all worked out great.

  3. woooow!! love this D.I.Y episode the whole outfit is just on point :D #fashion #science #culture

    1. Thanks Mayowa! This was a inexpensive solution to my problem that worked out really well. I'm all about that DIY life! Thanks for stopping by & showing love!

  4. Such a quick fix for a new pair of shoes and stylish none the less. Nice job.

  5. This is pretty cool, not sure if I could have thought up this ideal. great job.

  6. How well do they hold up for regular wear? I mean as far as does the paint crack or chip? My daughter would love shoes like this and I have the perfect pair to make them lol.

    1. Hello Anonymous, the thing I would say is the better paint and coating you use the longer they will last. I would not say you should walk through water with them. I have other shoes that I painted and they just need a touch up every now and then but they are not fro everyday use. I think mostly I paint shoes that have been sitting around or I buy an inexpensive pair that I won't mind if they get messed up. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Thank you! She has some adorable lolita style dresses that need shoes lol. She wears them mostly for Sundays and I wondered if they would be worth my time. I'm going to give it a go and see! :)


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