Friday, March 27, 2015

Sew What:Gold Leopard overalls. She's livin' her life like it's Golden! RAE Sewing Competition Challenge #2

Can you tell me why it is that I have two weeks to complete an outfit but I still end up sewing the day before it is due...and I still gotta take pictures?????? 
I know I'm a little cray-cray that's what my problem is, I have to stop this madness. The Challenge was to use view "C" and create a masterpiece. I have been wanting to make a pair of overalls for a long time, so this was my chance. I did not want wide legs and I wanted a sorta harem type leg on these overalls. I had a few different ideals going on inside my head, which ended up in this competition.  The fabric of choice was from my stash and I was saving it for a special occasion and this was truly that occasion! I think metallic gold leopard print deserves a special occasion such as this, don't you? The fabric for this slouchy top was a lucky find, black super light sweater with gold threads throughout the weave. But finding those perfect metallic gold strappy sandals proved to be my biggest challenge, so we had to do them DIY style! 
I'm having fun with this challenge but 
I can't win without your votes Peeps! 
So please take a minute and go
to vote for Michelle Morris! 
Voting ONE day only (TODAY
Friday 3/27/15 
from 10AM-9PM EST

to vote for Michelle Morris! 
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  1. THIS IS SO FLY Michelle!!! I love it RETRO done right! It has that FUN FEEL and your model is killing it! GREAT JOB I already voted!

    1. Shari thanks for voting! This fabric was super fun, I had to use it, Metallic gold leopard but my daughter was not sold on this look I was going for.
      Mori:"Um are you making the whole thing with that fabric?"
      Me: Yes!
      Mori: Really?
      Me: YES!
      Mori: alrighty then.
      .........after the outfit was completed and she tried it on
      Mori: Mom I'm wearing this ti the Lauryn Hill concert!
      Kids, you gotta love them!

  2. This outfit is fabulous! The gold is amazing and I don't think anyone could pull this off like more did. I wish you all the best is this competition, love you and your blog!

    1. Char Thank you so much for your support! I had fun with this one because I love that fabric!

  3. I just saw your pic on IG, you painted those fab shoes! those so remind me of the 70's, love them!

  4. Mom I still smell the fumes from those shoes! I'm just kidding


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