Monday, March 30, 2015

My Lauryn Hill concert experience........What the F*ck was that??

I can honestly tell you that prior to this concert I was a huge Lauryn Hill fan so if that describes you, hold on tight because I'm about to go in on Lauryn right now. 

We were so excited to see Lauryn this past Sat night. The show was starting at 9PM and we get there about 8:45PM. Everybody is sitting around taking their "I'm at the Lauryn Hill concert" selfies before the show starts or out buying drinks and whatnot. Well I'll be damned when I looked at the time and realized it was going on 10PM and not a word from Lauryn......and then this documentary from the 50's or 60's about decolorization comes on the screen. I was confused because I didn't know how it related to the concert.  Then a DJ comes out for like an it's about 11:30 PM and we are just about to get our first glimpse of Ms. Lauryn Hill, finally!

While I was waiting for an explanation for the late, late, late start, all I heard was **crickets** on that subject, nada, nothing, not a word. Someone yelled out "why are you so late?" and she responded that she was getting ready for us. SERIOUSLY???? I am sitting here in disbelief. So she starts right up with her music with no explanation about the documentary that was shown to us and how it ties in with this performance or her lateness. I thought this was suppose to be an acoustic concert but let me tell you that this was NOT and I repeat NOT an acoustic performance by my standards. It really did sound like she was singing with a band behind her. The key boards and drums were super loud. Acoustic to me is more of an intimate performance  highlighting her voice, not the instraments.

I have seen Lauryn perform twice before and really enjoyed her concerts but that was way back in the day when she was with the Fugees and again when her album was out. So that's all I could compare this concert to and it was failing miserably. Her singing was still fabulous because her voice is still golden but all the other things tainted the experience. I was wishing that I had not bought a ticket to this Small Axe tour. She paid so much attention to her people onstage it was as if they were the only ones in the room playing for each other. I wanted her to pay more attention to us, the people in the seats in front of her, you know the people who bought the ticket to see her perform, US!

Well now here it is 1:15AM and we had enough so we exited the concert when she was signing her oldies but goodies but we were just done! I was on-line trying to see what everybody else was saying about her concert and it's the same across the board. It appears she doesn't think being 2 to 3 hours late matters to her fans. She doesn't seem to think interacting with her fans matters. She does not see the need for a explanation for the documentary that was shown and she does not see the need to interact with her fans. This is sad. I still love her voice but I am disappointed with her character!

I will say this again, I still love her music.  I am not knocking anyone else who loves this Sista or her recent concert performances, this is just my experience.........carry on.

Here are some videos: The Old Lauryn

The New Lauryn preforming for her Small Axe Tour

 photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg



  1. It's so sad that this has now become all that we hear about her...nothing but negative concert reviews. She's so talented and STILL has a fan base, despite all the time that has passed but she keeps treating her fans like crap. I'm sorry you had a terrible experience. I really wish she would get it together.

    1. I was sooo upset! I had heard comments before I went but I was like naw...but they were right. Her voice is still golden but I will not pay to see her again.

  2. That's terrible, I love Lauryn Hill.

  3. That is sad, I wondered why she had vanished from TV and radio. It sounds like something bad is happening to her, drugs and that kind of celebrity meltdown thing. Let's hope she stays around long enough to pull it together.

    1. Yeah it's just sad! Thanks for stopping by to visit!


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