Monday, April 14, 2014

DIY: Fabric clutch "Hey there's a bird on your purse!"

Hey guys, I'm back with another clutch. this time a little birdie told me to do it! If you remember my original post HERE Lists the step by step instructions so I am going to fast forward a little here. If you need to see every step please visit my original post. I am not showing the cut out pieces or supplies in this post but all the directions are below. You can copy and paste to directions. Sooo here is the birdie clutch from beginning to end!

My birdied fabric and lining

 Sew across the top and bottom right sides together
Turn over to press seams 

Seams pressed 
Purse pressed
Fold in half
 Sew sides together
 Turn lining side out and sew side seams together

 flatten seams to sew gussets
 Measure and mark
 Sew and trim
 Turn to right-side out
 Press if necessary

 Center the handle and mark fabric
 Add glue in channel of the closure and side in edges, glue one side at a time.
 I allowed one side to dry about 2 hours and then glue the other side
and overnight you should have a good bond.

Once dry push in the sides under the closure and you my friend are done!


 What you will need:
  • Upholstery/Curtain fabric (Your fabric, Lining,interfacing and fusible fleece have to fit into the grooves of the purse closure. Make sure your fabric is not to thick.)
  • A thin fabric for lining
  • Fusible fleece
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Purse closure (I am using and 8 inch closure)
  • Thread
  • Glue (must be strong for fabric & metal with a skinny tip)
  • Scissors
Direct Instructions:

1. Cut  fabric (outer fabric, lining and fusible interfacing) 17 inches tall  by 15 inches wide. Trim down  the interfacing about 1/8 inch on all sides. Cut a 15 by 11 1/2 piece of  the fusible fleece. Fuse the interfacing on the wrong side of the outer fabric and then fuse the fleece in the center  of the interfacing.

2. With the right sides of the outer fabric and lining together sew a 1/2 inch seam along the 15" edges (this is the length of the purse,)  Now turn over to the right side, press seams open and then press flat.

3. Now fold the purse in half matching the sewn seams at the top, lining should be on the inside of the folded fabric. Stitch your side together with a 3/8 inch seam. (yes you are sewing on the outside/right-side of the purse) trim that seam down to 1/8 inches on both sides,snip your bottom corners. Turn your purse inside out now sew the side edges again with a 3/8 inch seam. This creates a french seam.Now turn the purse right-side out one more time. (I know this is a lot of back and forth with this thing!)

4. With the purse turned to the right side fold your side seams inward so that the bottom corners are pointed. (you may want to look at the picture about marked *POINTED CORNERS) You will then mark a 2 inch line across each corner and sew on that line. Now trim down to 1/8 inches. Now turn the purse inside out and sew on these same corners with 3/8 inches seam ( your making another french seam) Turn to the right side for the last time.

5. Press your purse if necessary before applying you closure. Mark your purse using tape to center where you will put your closure Make sure you are centered on each side. (Practice putting on the closure before applying glue) Apply the glue into the groove of the closure, center  over the top and insert the fabric and tape to hold in place. We are going to glue one side at a time. Allow to set for 30 mins and the do the same to the other side. Allow closure to dry over night  but this depends on your glue. Remove tape and any excess glue and tuck the outside corners under the hinges of the closure and close!                                 



  1. You Fancy! I love this print and it makes a fab purse.

  2. I try to be, LOL. Yeah I saw it and had to have it, although I didn't know what I was going to do with it.Thanks for stopping by I more fabrics for some more cool items so be on the look-out!


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