Thursday, April 24, 2014 that really a CupCake?

Mori and I were at it again. First it was Ice Cream CupCakes, now hamburgers, yes hamburgers! We used box mixes, for the sake of time. I saw a picture of some hamburger cupcakes and put my own twist on those burgers. I hope we leave your mouth watering for one of these juicy burgers, if so you can make your own and if you do please share on our Face Book page!

  1. 2 Boxes of Pineapple cake mix and required items according to the box
  2. 1 Box of chocolate cake mix and required items according to the box
  3. Chocolate icing
  4. Red icing with medium decorating tip
  5. Yellow icing with thin decorating tip
  6. Shredded coconut
  7. Cupcake lining
  8. Marshmallow filling
  9. Green food coloring
  10. Sesame seeds (this was hard to find but it was with the seasoning items)
  11. Cookie cutter (or use some item you have to cut out the circles for the hamburgers)

She indulged me with a little photo fun!

So with this first batch we put in one layer of cake batter a dab of marshmallow filling and the topped it off with more cake batter.

We then topped them off with the sesame seeds.

ALERT!!!  This was the result of our first batch, thus the need 
to two boxes of cake mix! This was a FAIL!!! 
We decided not to bake the cupcakes with the 
marshmallow in the middle and we are not going to add 
the sesame seeds until the cupcakes were halfway done.

Starting over with new batch.

Here is the first successful batch, look at those golden buns!

Now time to make the hamburgers!
Put this batter on a cookie sheet.

This is what we ended up using to cut out the correct size hamburgers. 
I could have sworn that we had a circle cookie cutter but we didn't 
and I was not going back to the store!

Second batch

I found out the hard way that less is more with food coloring!

Too dark

Still a little dark but much better looking lettuce


Decorated one for the taste test!

Ajani the taste tester.....he said it was pretty 
good but he doesn't like coconut.

Now to decorate the rest. Cupcakes cut in half for the buns and added 
a dab of marshmallow to hold the hamburger to the bun.

Production line....of yeah I must share that we watched Bob's Burgers 
while making the cupcakes and that is some funny sh*t!

Bun tops and hamburger patties.

A dab of chocolate icing to hold on the lettuce (coconut)

Ketchup time!

...a little mustard

Time to put it together.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did and remember if you try this 
or have any other creations to share, post 
them on our face book page HERE

             photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg


  1. That is so cute! Love this. Yummy!

    1. My skirt or the cakes? Just kidding, thanks soooo much for stopping by!


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