Friday, September 19, 2014

DIY: What say you OMBRÉ?

What do I say about OMBRÉ?  I like it! 
Here is my take on a OMBRÉ dress.

The Before! 
Simple little dress I found for $4.50 at my local thrift store,
 that I wanted to make into a fitted dress.
I took in the darts that were already in the dress and added some in the back. 
I was thinking about changing the buttons but there was 
like 3,000 on this dress so I decided against that.
OK so maybe not 3,000 but there were a lot of damn buttons.

The OMBRÉ  process:

Section your garment with rubber bands. 
I am only going to bleach two sections for this dress.

You can use Dye to make your  OMBRÉ  garment but 
I am going to use bleach on my dress. 
I used three parts bleach and three parts water

Put garment in to process the first section 
which will be lighter that the original color

**You don't want to go past the first rubber 
band closest to the original color

You determine how light you want the first section to be 
and now you will pull out the garment until 
you reach the next rubber band as seen below.
Squeeze out the excess bleach on the part 
that you are pulling out of the mixture.

Let the last part sit is the mixture 
as longer to get closest to white.

I'm all done! Now check out your design.


Rinse the entire garment with cold 
water to get the excess bleach out.
Wash the garment in the washing machine, 
dry and press and get your  OMBRÉ   on!

Throw in a scarf?

That's all folks it's getting dark!
 photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg
Below are some videos that I found when searching for OMBRÉ styles.





  1. This is lovely. Thank you for a great tutorial. Your daughter is stunning!

    1. Thanks so much, I had fun making this one. Stop by again!

  2. This is a neat re-fashion and you have the necessary tools right in your home. I may give it a try or you can do on for me. LOL!

    1. LOL!!! You're funny. Thanks Charmaine, you always crack me up!

  3. you DID bleach this dress....I saw the post and thought you had dyed a white dress...... great you decide to change the buttons (probably when enough come off)....I had really cute result in a long maternity jumper for a friend where I just put every different navy blue (it was dark denim, at the time) button I could find in my button box on it....none of them matched, only the color united them.... it was so subtle, but it was what everyone noticed...

    1. Thanks again Unknown! I bought this long coat that has like 16 buttons and I was going to do that with gold buttons, use a different button to replace the buttons on the coat! Great minds think alike. Who are you?

  4. I am impressed. I like it when you can do somersetting so simple and come out with something so fabulous and that's what you did.

    1. Thanks and yes, yes, yes this is soooo simple to create.

  5. Spectacular as always, that's my sis and my niece looks lovely!


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