Wednesday, September 17, 2014

High School Football is driving me crazy!!

So as I sit and watch the game as my son, number 76 along with 28 other fully dressed players stand along the sideline, wondering will he get a chance to play today? Probably not, probably not and as the game ends and they are still standing there is the clean uniforms I say, not this game, maybe the next game........... 

My son is a senior and even though he just started playing football his junior year, I think he should get a chance to step on the field, shouldn't he? He is not the breakout superstar that we hoped he would be but he is a big strong guy who could be a beast if he was one of the chosen ones that the coaches work with. Our High school does not have tryouts for the football team thus anyone can join and this is what happens. Our team uses the same players for offense and fair is that? They really should have tryouts so that you understand going in if you are not the best of the best, the chances of you playing is slim and that is understood but when you take everyone and only use about 10 players that's just WRONG!

My daughter asked her brother doesn't that bother you that you never play? He said, sometimes but he understand show they run our team. I am happy that he is dedicated and  gets out there all year long practicing, training instead of sitting on the couch  but damn, can a brother get to play?  I will continue to support my son by coming and cheering on his teammates because that's my job as his mother and the day I get to see him play will be my highlight of the game, cause number 76 is my son!


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  1. My kids have played sports and I too remember watching them sometimes sitting on the sideline. Hopefully your son doesn't leave with a bad taste in his mouth. Hopefully he takes away the friendships from being a part of the team.


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