Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mr. MaGoo ain't got nothing on my Over-sized Round Glasses!

In the words of Flava Flav, Yeah Boyzzzz!” and in the words of Pharell, “I’m so happy!” So I got my Over-sized Round frames a few months ago and now it was time to insert lenses so I could wear these bad-boys!  My first post about these frames hereWay back in the day, I’m talking back in the early 90’s I owned a pair of John Lennon gold round Spectacles.

Yes I did, I was always on the cutting edge with my eye-wear. I have never been one to buy what the masses is wearing when it came to my glasses. When I look back at some of them I say to myself “what the hell were you thinking?”  But in the end I chalk it all up to I was just being me….at that time.

These fabulous finds were from my favorite, self-proclaimed, retro eye-wear whore Desi, over at Retro Focus Eyewear. Although they don’t sell the frames with prescription lenses, they put me onto Replace a lens. I was so pleased with the lenses they put in my red cat glasses I knew I would use them again. 

Now here’s funny story, well maybe not funny but a story none the less. I sent two pair of glasses to have lenses put in them. I usually choose the thinnest lenses I can but I was being a little cheap because I already had purchased two other pairs of specs this year and I didn’t want to come out of pocket for these. Last time I chose Digital (HD) Progressive (no-line) @ $149.00, which is a bargain any other time I’m purchasing glasses but not that day. I chose Traditional Progressive (no-line) @ $69.00, have you been doing the math? I was a little concerned about these lenses being too thick. So I wait and I wait and I wait, it took longer than my last order. Finally I got the e-mail that said my order had been shipped. I open the box hoping and praying they are not too thick. Drum roll pleeeaassseee………....... the moral of the story is pay for what you want! They weren't that bad but they were thicker than I would have liked them to be. I still <3 them even if you call me Mr. MaGoo!

I’m so excited, Yipee!!

Hold on a sec I’m in deep thought…

Strike a pose and suck in those cheeks

Fish kiss face

I’ll see ya later!

FYI: I was in no way shape or form, paid for this post. I just love Retro Eye-wear and I'm all about sharing.....but if Desi wants to send me a new pair I'm down with that!



  1. Ooooo..l likey! I wear glasses and have a hard time finding frames to fit my face, I have had to wander on over to the men's area at times. I like my glasses big and for some reason, they don't make a lot of over-sized reg glasses. Perhaps, I just have a big face. Anyhoo, I love your round spectacles, they look adorbs on you!

    1. Why thank you Ma'am. I love big glasses and you're right they can be hard to find and I too have a big face. Hahaha! I've had much success in my online purchases........ I'm trying to stop but they keep calling me, saying things like "you need a pink pair of glasses now" Pray for me Sista, pray for me!

  2. Only you would have those big ass glasses! I love your sense of style.

    1. Only you would say that, you're crazy Charmaine but loyal!


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