Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY: Cut that T-shirt to shreds!

Soooo my daughter Mori and her bestie Chellz were going to see Bey & Jay and wanted their T-shirts cut up. I had told Mori earlier that I never cut up shirts before so if they get messed up “It wasn't my fault”.  I think they had backups in case this did not work out. I started with Chellz’s t-shirt and damn it to hell when I finished I looked to my left to see my camera just sitting there. I didn’t take not one single picture of the before or during the cutting. Oops! All was not lost I still had Mori’s to cut and I would capture each step. It was fun and I they loved them. I told Mori to bring me a “Surf Board” shirt back form the concert but she called me and told me they were $40.00 and I said neva-mind there will, be no surfing over here!

Cut off sleeves

If the area is large enough fold where you are going to cut in half

Now cut

Unfold and review your cutting skills

I cut the upper back

When you pull the t-shirt the cut edges roll-up like this.

..and the shoulders



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