Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pieces of Philly: Philly Cupcake ...a cupcake boutique

A little treat while walking on Chestnut Street (1132 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107)  A cupcake boutique! Philly Cupcake, how precious! We had to stop. We met Morgan and she educated us on the history of Philly Cupcakes. We gave us the tour of the shop and showed us what treats they had. In the end I left with a lemon cupcake…... since we were walking the town I didn't want to buy cupcakes and have to carry them around with me but I would have bought more to take home. This shop is so cute with it's goodies, vintage display pieces and signage. I also like the fact that you can see them as they are creating their goodies. The outside display window is not to be outdone my the shop, they have this mannequin in the window which after some research I learned is just a part of who Philly Cupcake is. Her name is Isabella and her outfits are changed regularly. I didn't want to leave Morgan and the cupcakes but I will be back!  Check them out if you're ever in town!

They also sell doggie treats.

This is Morgan

My sister Cap and my daughter Mori

Mori texting while she shops!

My lemon masterpiece! It was yummy in my tummy!

This is Isabella



  1. Awe Morgan is sooo cute, the mannequin is a little odd I must say but the cupcakes look good none the less.

    1. I didn't know why the heck they had that mannequin in their window. I checked them out online when I got home and got the low-down on her.

  2. This seems like a pretty neat shop! I like little boutique type shops they are so cozy and refreshing.


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